Laura Turner was inspired to write this book, which is based on a Laura’s own experiences, because throughout the Christmas season, children are constantly being bombarded by images of Santa Clause, and the focus on material things. So Laura wrote a children’s book that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas; The reason for the season, which is of course the birth of Jesus Christ.

This book encourages the family to spend quality time together, without video games, television, and all the other distractions that seem to get in the way of quality family time. The characters in this book experience several adventures which take the family out of their city home, where they would normally celebrate Christmas, and into a snowy, winter wonderland out in the country where the children’s’ grandparents live. They play games and sing Christmas carols in the car en route to their destination. After they arrive, the family has snow ball fights and make snow angels, they hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, the children get lost in the woods only to be found later by their parents, and then are shown how to make their own Christmas decorations.
During the time that the family spends making their Christmas decorations, they share love and laughter, along with lots of stories about how their parents and grandparents grew up.

Throughout the book the children’s attentions are directed to the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ. Although the children and parents both love to read the book together, there are also many subtle teaching tools in the book to encourage the children to read by themselves. The main message of the book points the reader to Gods’ grace, mercy, protection, and love.

“A Christmas To Remember” is accompanied by four beautiful Chrismas songs recorded by Laura Turner; produced by the award winning Keith Thomas. May they be a blessing to your Christmas season!

“I pray that you find this book as fun and inspiring as it is for me to have the opportunity to write about my own Christmas experiences as a little girl.” -Laura Turner

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