Perfect Trinity

Looking in the mirror, can’t stand my own reflection
Once again the victim of deception
did’nt mean to walk down this road
How many times do I have to be told

My throat’s held hostage by regretful screams
As you give me a chance to be redeemed
you see each tear that runs down my face
and wipe them away with amazing grace

Chorus: Perfect Trinity
What do you see in me?
Perfect Trinity
Please find me on my knees

Wanna run back into your arms
where safety rules my sinful heart
Sanctify me through and through
Want to purify my heart for you
Perfect Trinity

What self indulgent holes I dug
each one deeper forgetting your love
farther and farther from your protection
which left me with a pride infection

I’m reminded your my gift from above
though I never deserved your love
through torture and tears of pain
You completely erased my blame